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Each of the CBme Beauty items are for all skin types.

All CBme Beauty products are formulated in the USA using domestic ingredients.

None of the CBme Beauty products are tested on animals.

You will begin to see results in as little as 2 weeks. Extended use will show better results. We recommend giving your new CBme Beauty items at least 28 days to demonstrate their best results.

PB3 is a gentle pH neutral cleanser featuring 3 patented lipo peptides formulated to remove makeup and impurities without stripping away your natural oils. This special formulation provides you with a 3-pronged attack on cleansing. You get a deep cleaning without stripping the skin of essential oils. Our vitamin-enriched treatment also feeds the skin. It cleans, treats and rejuvenates in a single wash. The best news is this is pH neutral, but it is ideal for all skin types.

C30 is a lightweight, hydrating day cream formulated to restore, replenish, and provide the perfect balance of moisture for glowing, healthy-looking skin. CO30 hydrates and moisturizes in a single step providing a release of moisturizer throughout the day. This helps hold the moisture in the skin longer without feeling greasy. CO30’s SPF 30 protection helps prevent the sun from being able to attack your skin. It is the first line of defense from "ultra-violent" sun rays and doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils. C30 produces activity through Arbutin, Licorice Extract, Yeast Extract, a special Rice/ Yeast/ Probiotic complex, and a patented Peptide.

N3R contains a triple vitamin A based retinol solution. While the formula won’t cause irritation on sensitive skin when used as directed, retinol, in general, doesn’t perform well in sunlight. It’s best applied after dark. N3R is a nighttime serum that releases active ingredients while you sleep which minimizes irritation potential. Hemp seed oil helps boost activity because hemp is a small molecule. N3R is enriched with vitamins; A, B, C, D & E. The lipidated Vitamin C helps promote collagen production while our patented peptides are designed to target single functions. This helps reduce the appearance of the effects of environmental stressors without causing irritation and helps to turn on your body's natural growth factor production.

Our AET Advanced Eye Therapy is an age reversal serum that firms and tightens delicate skin surrounding the eye. The formula targets these areas with retinol with 6 bio actives including vitamin K. It helps dark circles, it lightens the skin, and helps reduce “crow's feet”. Continued use lightens the appearance of dark circles under the eye and lessens fine lines and wrinkles. Other benefits include Plumping and Moisturizing of tired, sagging skin through Hemp Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Cocoglycerides, Phospholipids, two forms of Vitamin E, and a special Rice/ Yeast/ Probiotic complex.

The PB3 probiotic cleanser is designed to be used first in the morning and again first in the evening.

The C30 Cream Oil Moisturizer goes on in the morning after cleaning your face.

The AET Advanced Eye Therapy can be applied after the C30 moisturizer and before you apply makeup.

The N3R 3Nightly Tri-Retinol Renewal Serum is applies after the PB3 Cleanser in the evening.

The CBme Beauty products are designed to be used daily. Refer to the product for specific use instructions.

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You can click on the link below to submit your thoughts or inquiries.



 Yes. CBme has a 30-day 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee.